Monday, January 24, 2011

#72 Warm Quinoa, Tempeh and Butternut Squash salad

The wholesome goodness of this salad is enhanced by whole grain quinoa along with tempeh(a compressed soy product with a grainy smooth texture). I roasted up a whole butternut squash and juicy sweet garlic cloves immersing in sweet and sour Asian pineapple marinade. The mixture soaks the juices taking the level of flavor to a delightful combination and turning it into a fruity warm vegetarian dish.   
Quinoa- 1 cup
Tempeh- 1 small package soy tempeh
Butternut Squash- 1 small
Scallions- 2
Whole garlic clusters-2
Vegetable Broth- 3 cups
Thyme- 1 stem
Olive oil- 2 Tblspns
Salt and pepper to taste

Pineapple crushed- 2 Tblspns
Ginger grated fine- 2 Tblspns
Vinegar- 2 Tblspns
Oil- 2 Tblspns
Lemon juice- 3 Tblspns
Honey- 1 Tblspn
Chilli powder- 1 tspn
Salt, Pepper to taste
Preparation is in three steps-
Step 1
1.      Remove skin from the butternut squash, wash and cut into ½ inch cubes.
2.      Stir together the Olive Oil, salt, pepper and chopped thyme and mix well.
3.      Heat the oven to 350 degrees and set to roast. Toss the squash into the dressing above and mix well.
4.      Roast the butternut squash on a baking pan until just browned.
5.      While the squash is roasting, take the whole garlic with skin on, place inside some aluminum foil and pour 1 tspn olive oil over it.
6.      Wrap up the foil and throw it into the oven, remove vegetables at the same time.
7.      Test to make sure that the garlic has roasted and are soft. Separate the cloves of garlic from the skins and keep aside with the squash.

Step 2
1.      Take a deep pan and measure in about 2 cups of vegetable broth. Add salt and let it come to a simmer.
2.      Add the washed quinoa into the broth, keep covered and cook for about 15 mins or until just done.
3.      Add ½ cup orange juice and cook uncovered for about 1 min. Remove from fire.
4.      Fluff the quinoa with a fork and let cool.

Step 3
1.      Take the tempeh out of the package and wash really well and dry.
2.      Cut tempeh into small chunks.
3.      Make the marinade by whisking together the lemon juice, vinegar, ginger, honey, pineapple, chilli, oil, salt and pepper.
4.      Marinate the tempeh in the marinade for about 30 mins.
5.      Place a pan on the stove and add a little oil, add sliced scallions to the oil and then add the tempeh with the marinade.
6.      Let the tempeh cook for a while and turn off the fire. There will be liquid in the pan and it makes the awesome dressing.
7.      To put the warm salad together just toss all the ingredients that we just made together and serve warm with wedges of red grapefruit.

 This is going to Pari Vashisht's "Only Salads" event


  1. salad looks wonderful and healthy

    I would love if you will participate in Innovative Salad Event in my blog

    Cook Healthy

  2. Lovely sweet of u to send this entry for my event taking lots of pains..

  3. I am honored to participate in the events that both Prathibha and Pia are hosting so sincerely. Thank you....

  4. Healthy, hearty n delicious salad :)

    US Masala


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