Saturday, December 25, 2010

#49 Tridoshic Moong Sprouts Salad

Ayurveda has proven the health benefits of Moong Sprouts and that they are a storehouse of many vitamins and minerals. The beans have significant amount of proteins, Vitamin C and B that are of utmost importance for the proper functions of the human body. At the same time, the sprouts are considered to be very healthy since they are also low in calories and promote digestive enzymes. Here is a fresh and crunchy salad that is light and refreshing.

Whole Moong- 11/2 cups
Lime juice- juice of 1 lime
Cilantro- ½ cup
Shallots- 3
Honey- 1Tblspn
Salad Oil- 3 Tblspns
Green chilli- 1
Salt and Pepper to taste

  1. Wash the whole moong and soak overnight.
  2. The next day drain the moong and place in a colander. Make sure to place the colander over a pan of water in a warm place for two days until the moong has grown sprouts.
  3. Make sure to keep covered with a moist paper towel at all times.
  4. When the moong has sprouted well, chop the shallots, green chillies and cilantro fine.
  5. In a glass bowl, mix together the chopped ingredients with the lime juice, honey, oil, salt and pepper.
  6. Mix well with a fork and then toss in the pomegranate and sprouted moong. Toss well and serve.

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