Saturday, December 11, 2010

#40 Pooris with Potato Podimas/Aloo Ki Subzi

The first born is usually sensitive to criticism like all children and is the child with the most attention directed towards her.  As a child N was an energetic, ambitious, caring, and logical in everything she did and always craved approval.  She has proven her leadership skills in her profession and I will always be proud of her. Anyway, her favorite vegetable as a child was the potato---- of course now she loves vegetables and salads, and once her meal of choice was Poori and Podimas. It has changed many times since then. However, she has both a low tolerance for spicy foods and a sweet tooth so this recipe is just for her.

Wheat Flour- 1
Milk or Water-1/2 cup
Here is a tip to make soft puffy pooris- use milk
and make the dough adding a spoon of sooji if desired for
extra texture.
Salt and Olive oil
Corn or vegetable oil for deep frying

1. In a glass mixing bowl, toss in the flour and salt.
2. Add milk or water little a time and form the dough.
I used plain water and made the dough.
3. Bring the dough together using a tspn of Olive oil and
you will see that the dough comes off the sides of the bowl.
4. Make sure to keep poori dough a little more dense than chapathi dough
so that the pooris do not retain the oil they are fried in.
5. For pooris use the dough immediately or rest for 10 mins (not longer).I always make them
immediately since they do not soak up the oil and that way I can get some really oil-free pooris.
6. Make balls of the size of cherry tomatoes.
7. Dust the chapathi base with flour and using a rolling pin roll out the small balls into medium to thin pooris
about 4 " in diameter.
8. Heat up oil in a deep fryer, when the oil is hot enough, slowly slide the pooris into the oil.
press down gently for a second and let go with an Asian strainer spider. The poori must puff up at this time.
9.Let cook gently on both sides and before it turns color, drain it with the strainer and place it
in a plate lined with paper towels to drain off the excess oil.
10. Do not pile up the pooris one on top of the other or they will become flat. Serve warm with aloo subzi
or Chole. You can also serve these with Mango Srikhand.

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