Thursday, December 30, 2010


I thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Paradise Island and Atlantis with its beautiful surroundings in January 2009. Although, I thought it was a bit on the expensive side as far as food is concerned, it all turned out well because we treated ourselves to some warm sun and white sandy beaches.

The Spa there is immaculate being on the beach, and helped me de-stress to the bones and recover from brain hiccups....LOL. We also went down to the outdoor mall to listen to the local people sing. Caribbean music can be very joyful and melodious so you swing with it spontaneously. We had a scrumptious dinner at Anthony's on Bay street and the best tasting Caribbean food. I remember my Conch Fritters with the zesty sauce, my entree of jerk grilled fish and rice with pigeon peas accompanied by a Bahama Mamma. I have had the same drink right here in the US but nothing comes close to the original from the island.  We almost went back a second day for lunch but they were closed.  


The Atlantis Resort Underwater Passage is absolutely stunning and you can observe a variety of fish species swimming overhead and alongside you. The fascinating experience of walking through The Dig -a re-creation of the Lost City of Atlantis you get to watch some of the strangest sea creatures known to humans. Fortunately the sting rays, sharks and piranhas are behind thick glass so you feel safe just watching them move along the deep blue water.

The Atlantis Casino is another absolutely fantastic sight with Dale Chihuly glass sculptures on display in all the fiery beautiful and the Poseidon’s oversized throne. The Resort also hosts the MESA grill where we made reservations for a brilliant meal.. I was a bit disappointed because I had eaten at the MESA grill in Las Vegas and the meal here was sub-par to the one in Las Vegas.

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