Thursday, December 30, 2010


The Galleria is a must see if you are not used to big malls but we spent time shopping away and people watching at the Ice Rink. People watching all morning at the Ice Rink and a little shopping surely does make you tired, so we stopped for lunch at the Ninfa's Mexican Cafe. The cafe serves up some authentic Mexican food accompanied by freshly made corn tortillas. They also shake up a good Ninfarita Margarita and delicious fresh seafood ceviche.

I must mention a wonderful little Mexican restaurant that we had a scrumptious meal at "Spanish Flower". They have some amazingly delicious food-here's the dessert my girls and I shared Tres-Leche Cake....sorry R.. you couldn't make this trip.

We visited the NASA Space Center and the water wall and walked for hours. The barbecue by the chain "Pappas Bar-B-Q" is "lip-smacking" good and the sauces simmered and drizzled over the top of the ribs is zesty and spicy.  There is even a bountiful spread of relishes and pickles you can select from. Most often when I am traveling,  I love to go for the down home 'no frills' kind of food so that I do get to experience what the real locals eat everyday.

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